Why OFM ?

This is a natural question that can occur to any prospective customer.

The short answer to this is

OFM is a not-for-profit enterprise. It is managed by volunteers who are passionate about the organic movement and none of the volunteers gets any monetary benefit. There are paid staff but their pay is quite nominal for their skills and earning potential elsewhere. So when you buy from OFM , you are assured that no one is going to profiteer from you.

The second answer is - OFM is just one layer between the farmer and the consumer. By short-circuiting the food distribution chain, OFM ensures a win-win-win and a fair commerce. In spite of its urban operations and markets, OFM genuinely touches many rural livelihoods and farmers.

The long answer is OFM's Pricing and Purchase Policies.

OFM's Pricing Policy

Pricing policy -
OFM's fair price policy is based on the following key tenets:
-    The prices should be equally favorable for the customer, farmer and trader; not an exploitative model that is tilted in the favor of traders, like today’s scenario
-    Farmer should be compensated with a fair price by considering his input costs and efforts
-    Customers should benefit from steady produce costs and consistent quality
-    Multi-level traders to be eliminated to ensure that the produce does not pass through many hands and subsequent trading margins
OFM’s pricing strategy is focused on offering quality organic produce at un-exaggerated costs.

OFM's Purchase Policy


OFM’s stringent purchase policy encapsulates its commitment to ensuring that our customers have access to safe food that is free from synthetic inputs.

A snapshot of the policy is given below:

  •  Know your farmer: OFM products’ sources are traceable to the farm/farmer where it was grown. OFM does not withhold farmer information and gives its customers the right to know their farmers.
  • Each farmer is audited at least by 2 OFM members before any product is purchased. Processing is also reviewed to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Surprise/random checks are done periodically.
  • OFM will not buy from traders or large brands; while it will leverage small organic farmers and cooperatives
  •  Zero tolerance for chemical contamination in any form, at production, processing & packing

Customer feedback is taken seriously and all complaints will be appraised