OFM Bangalore

OFM comes to Bengaluru!

4pm,  9th June 2024 (Sunday) in Benson town.



Please  join us in this beautiful journey of bringing safe food to all!

Initiative enabled through a most deserving set of youth.

Welive Foundation was established in November 2019 with a mission to cater to the needs of young people transitioning from child care institutions (orphanages/shelter homes) to independent living at the age of 18.

Children in childcare institutions (CCIs) have to step out and manage on their own when they turn 18 years of age, and become adults as per law. While 18 is the legal age of consent, most youth may not be able to cope alone and stand on their own legs at the tender age of 18. 

WeLive Foundation offers a 1-3 years residential bridge program that provides transition support for these young people stepping out into the world at 18 years of age.  Young people in the residential program receive support for their physical, emotional, social well-being and complete education, skill-development-program and work full time or part time and earn and save for their future. 

Of the multiple ways the youth are encouraged to learn new life skills, WeLive Foundation’s Organic shop is one. The shop is an initiative to empower the youth in the bridge program to learn entrepreneurship skills, earn a livelihood and provide them with the life experiences of running an enterprise. 

WeLive Organics shop has a two-fold mission: 

* To ensure availability of safe and sustainable food and raising awareness for the same, advocating for transparency in the supply food chain while protecting the livelihood of farmers through fair pricing. 

* To equip the youth in WeLive’s bridge program with the exposure to gain life experience and skills for entrepreneurship ventures and empower them to earn a livelihood, hence enabling an independent future. 

All proceeds from the shop go towards providing residential, food & nutrition, education, skill development, physical & mental health support, career counselling, mentoring support to young adults from childcare institutions.

Enabling Safe food for us all is not only ensuring fair price to the farmers and consumers but also achieving a big social cause-  the fact that it is being brought through the young orphans who will run the Organic store is another big reason to support WeLive Organics.

Special Events

1. Talk by  Ananthoo, founder of OFM/reStore on : 

Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture: a peek into the contamination & pollution in the food cycle and the sane, safe & healthy alternatives

2. Graduation program of the WeLive Foundation’s Youth

Your patronage, endorsement and spreading the word can go a long way in supporting the cause of the youth, not to speak of the farmers and other rural livelihoods you will be creating.